Why I Write

Growing up I wasn’t rich, I was raised by my pops because my mom left when I was a little girl but that’s another story. So when I started high school my dad couldn’t afford to pay for my school tuition and provide the textbooks I needed.

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Thank You A Million

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your comments and inspiration keep me going and make me want to even go harder.

I want to take the time to personally thank each and everyone who takes the time out to support my blog by following me, reading my thoughts, like my stories, getting inspiration through my blog, and also seeing the truth within.

Thank thank thank 🙏😊🥂🎉💃

Blogging Award Nomination

I want to first say thank you to Domeka for nominating me for the blogger award nomination. Sorry, I took so long to post this. I was so surprised that I got writer block and didn’t know what to write :). You can check out her page at https://wp.me/p4XWvl-aM she is amazing at what she does, she brings you in-depth and up close with her personal life experience, she is definitely worth checking out and following.

I started blogging because I love to write, I have a love for it from I was a child, I was never good at the grammar but I have a passion to keep people entertained. My mind filled with a lot of ideas, topics, and life experiences and issues that we face each and every day that I love to touch on and write about.

I never expect to receive such a warm welcome from this platform, your supports and comments push me to keep going and motivated me to go harder. I thank each and everyone for all the love and I want to say this award nomonitiom is not only for me but for all of us.

(1) What is your motivation for blogging?

What motivate me to blog is my friend and family, they push me to do what I love and that’s writing. They hold me accountable so I stayed motivated.

(2) Who is your intended audience?

My intend audience is each and everyone I want to touch everyone in a inspiring way. I hope my story will touch each and everyone and pushes them to their full potential

(3) What is your best memory of this year? My best memory so far is getting back into doing my YouTube video.

(4) Could you vision yourself doing anything other than blogging? I could vision my self making videos and also being a financial advisor because I love talking about money and helping people save for their future.

(5) What is your take away from this year 2020?

My take away from 2020 is that life is so short and anything can happen at any given second so enjoy life with family and friends and stop putting things off because of fear. Live for today because tomorrow is not promise.

BrainStormsAward Nominate:                         Hare Krishnhttps://artpens.net/?author=132947084

Kindness https://mydaz.blog/?author=119660577

Nicholas http://nicholasquirkewas.com/author/nicholasquirkewas/

Onerazz https://wp.me/pc1b0O-2S

Jabeya https://storiesiwishtoshare.wordpress.com/author/jabeyaviviandinah/

Penable Nominee:

Gwen Grant http://gwengrantpoems.com/author/gwengrant/

Urbanfox http://parkhe.com/author/dhananjayaparkhe/

The trainer ground https://thetrainerhoodriver.com/?author=59299267


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Questions For All Nominees?

(1) What is your motivation for blogging?

(2) Who is your intended audience?

(3) How have blogging change your life?

(4) If you could do something over what would it be?

(5) Whats your biggest accomplishment?


Today reflect on this week were you productive?

Did you get all the things done that you set out to do?

Reflect and gather notes and make plans to how you will improve your productivity for next week.

Holding yourself accountable for your action will force you to go harder.

With that said have a productive weekend 😊

New Start

We cannot change the past,

But we can start a new chapter in our life

With a new beginning and happy ending.

Relationship Goals

Everywhere you turn these days whether it’s on the internet, social media, magazine, or everyone hashtagging, someone, as their relationship goal.

My father always has a saying not because the water look still doesn’t mean it’s not trouble, he was trying to say it’s not everything that looks good on the outside look good on the inside. Not everything on the surface is always what it seems. Everyone is picking from celebrities to friends and even stranger as their relationship goal but tend to forget people are not showing you everything that goes on in their relationship from the good, the bad, and the ugly only the glitter and gold.

No relationship is perfect, every relationship has its problem just like a car and you have to put the work in progress to fix it. So when you are picking someone to look up to pick someone who shows you their relationship flaws from the good time to bad and how they work to fix it, not someone who hide the open wombs with a bandage and pretend like an actor to the world until they can’t anymore and you become dumbfounded when they announced they are breaking up or having a divorce.

Be your own person, stop setting your Goals base on others. What might work for that person might not work for you? I see a lot of people posting relationship-goals, fitness goals, motivational-goals and etc, how about your own damn goal. Stop looking and living through someone else Goals, set your own.

Sometimes the person who you’re looking up to as relationship-goals, fitness, goals whatever it may be, is not showing you the skeleton in the closet just the pretty stuff on the surface, and deep down inside they are miserable or in hell.

You want someone to drive you how about your self. You can set your own goal just like that person you are admiring. Look for inspiration from other not Goals. Goals are ideas envision and commit by someone to be an accomplishment.

They take the time to put in the work to bring forth, you don’t know how must work they put into this Goal, you don’t know how much sleepless night or tears were shed to accomplish this. You want a Goal how about first setting your Goals and bring forth to existence.