Cod Fish and Veggie Pasta

I am always thinking of new dishes when it comes to food. I love to experiment with different food and see what I can come up with.

CodFish Pasta

I wasn’t feeling meat for dinner but I wanted a pasta dish so I decided to try Codfish instead of meat and I must say it turned out amazing and the whole family loves it.

So this dish you will need veggies, I used carrot bok Cho, spinach, cabbage, snow peas, and broccoli

In a separate container I cut up red and yellow pepper, onion,thyme, and tomatoes.

In two pots put noodles and Codfish to cook

I cooked my codfish to take away the saltness, you can also soak cod fish in water all couple hours if you don’t want to boil it.

Once noodle cook pour water off and add sesame oil to noodle.

In frying, pot pours two teaspoons of olive oil and garlic butter then add red pepper and thyme and etc stir occasion then add codfish and stir for 10 mins.

Add veg to the pot and let it steam to your liking. Then mix in a blow little water with veggie broth either liquid or powder, hoisin sauce pour in pot with veggie sprinkle black pepper, chicken seasoning, and adobo seasoning. Cooking for 2 mins.

Pour veggie and cod fish on top of noodle.

Stir everything together and serve