Losing Sight of You

What did life do to you, for you to let your self go? Do you become lazy in yourself?

These are the questions I ask myself sometimes, did life beat you up? Did life give up on you? Why did you stop living? Is life this bad? Why oh why?

The reason for this article is because while i was in New York City i got the chance to experience the subway life of traveling.

I have to say what you see sometimes on social media about riding the subway is so true.

You see the weirdest fashion wearers, the gothic styles, the fashionista, and the business suit altar and the ones who don’t care about how they look and etc.

As i sit on the subway and take in the scenery, the atmosphere, and every one, this one lady stands out to me.

She was sitting in front of me she appears miserable, look as if she hates everyone and everything around her, she looks as if she gave up on life.

She didn’t care how she looks or how she carries herself. She was even getting mad at this young man because he was standing in front of her. She suggests he stand on the other side away from her.

I’m not bashing this person because i don’t know what may be going on in her life but it basils my mind the way she was acting and the way she looks. It’s not the first time i see this.

She was eating Popeyes and the sauce drop on her shirt she didn’t really care, she just sits there with the dripping on her shirt.

As i sit and look at her i started to think to myself, what did life do to her so bad to make this woman give up on herself.

I know people go thru things and sometimes you stop living and start hating on yourself, but i thought to myself it doesn’t matter you still have to fight and believe things will get better.

You can’t lose yourself that bad that you give up. If someone hurt you or something bad happens, you giving up is making whatever it is win.

Giving up is always easy to do, but having faith and fighting is the biggest win.

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